The Village in Claremont, California is Growing!

Expansion in The Village Claremont is currently underway.

Photos taken in Feb thru April 2006.

Along with the construction of a new
multi-story parking structure, major renovations of the
historic Claremont Packing House are ongoing.

Retail shops will be located on the first level
of the parking structure.

Restaurants including Bollinger's Three Forks Chop House
and shops will be situated in the Claremont Packing House.

The initial phase of this area is scheduled to open in
Early 2007.

Another new one-block area scheduled to open in 2007
is also being developed.

A cinema, hotel and retail shops are planned for this block
situated with Second Street to the north,
First Street to the south,Oberlin to the west
and Indian Hill Blvd to the east.

Watch for more details and updated photos in the near future.

Updated: November 4, 2006